Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Kai Krate?

Kai Krates is a monthly dog subscription box that delivers tried and true dog treats, toys, and chews to your front step. Everything is dog tested so you know you aren’t wasting your money on cheap toys or unhealthy treats and chews.

So what is a Kai?

Kai is our chihuahua mascot! Her picture is featured on this website and you can learn more about her on the “About Us” page. 

What Does Kai Put In Her Krates?

This depends on the Krate plan you choose. The Toy, Treat, and Chew Krate has 2-3 quality toys, 2-4 delicious chews, and the occasional bag of treats! The Treat and Chew Krate is filled with exactly that, treats and chews only! For previews of what's coming, check out our Instagram page @kaikrates.

How do I join Kai Krates?

Subscribing to Kai Krates is easy! Simply click either the “Join Now”, “Sign Up My Pup” or “Get Started” button on the Kai Krates homepage and follow the instructions from there! 

How much does Kai Krates cost?

Kai Krates has three different plan options with different pricing. Kai Tip: purchasing the 6 month plan will be the best deal for you because it lowers the cost of each monthly box! Here’s the breakdown… (all prices are plus tax where applicable) 

1 Month: $24.99
3 Month: $22.50 (Total: $67.50)
6 Month: $19.99 (Total: $119.94)

When will my Krate Ship?

Krates ship within 2-3 business days of payment.

Are there different plan and size options?

Yes! Kai wants to please all dogs of all sizes so she provides three different month plans and three different size options. Small Dogs for those tiny pups with the biggest hearts, Most Dogs for all those not-so-average, average sized dogs, and Bigger Dogs for those extra large, tough chewers.

Are Kai Krates' Treats Organic Or All Natural?

Kai Krates appreciates customers' desire for organic and/or all natural treats for their special pup. While organic treats are unfortunately out of reach for the affordable price-point Kai Krates offers, all chews in every Krate will be All Natural, for now and for always.

What About Rawhides And Dental Treats?

Kai Krates recognizes that these two items are some of the most controversial treats among dog owners. Because of that, if we send you either of these two items, they will only be part of a promotion, as a bonus item. These items will never be part of the goods that you pay for, only ever bonus items, so you can throw them out if you wish!

What if I or my pup doesn’t like an item in the Krate?

If you are ever dissatisfied with an item or the whole krate in general, please feel free to reach out to us here at Kai Krates through our customer service email [email protected] and we will quickly solve any issue you have! 

How Much Is Shipping? What About Tax?

Shipping is and always will be free for Kai's customers, for all of her products. Sales tax is unfortunately required by law and cannot be built into the price of the item when applicable. IF there is a mandatory sales tax, it will show up in your cart at checkout AFTER you enter your address. 

Can I Gift A Krate?

Gift cards for Kai Krates may be purchased by following the "Give a Gift" link under the menu at the top of the page.

 What if I have a problem with my account? 

If you have any problems with your Kai Krates subscription box account, please contact us at [email protected] and a team member will help you resolve any issues there may be! 

Join Our Family!

Kai is a spunky pup who demands only the best toys for her money.  Kai and her team of puppy testers strive very hard each month to bring you the best chews, the most delicious treats, and the highest quality of toys from all over.  Demanding only the best, Kai's expectations are second to none for her customers.